I can start with three nice (clean) jokes on Italy and the Italians.

  1. At the beginning of time God was discussing the creation of world with all Countries and they asked about Italy:  Why did You give to Italy beautiful mountains (Alps),  surround by a blue Sea with marvellous Coasts and Beaches, give it wonderful Lakes with enchanting landscape, give it gorgeous, unique Villages and Cities with a wealth of Art and History like Rome, Venice, Florence, Sicily Region ……….  God, have you not been  just a bit too generous with Italy?  But the Almighty replied. Not really, I haven’t told you yet that to compensate, I will give Italy Italians.
  2. If you meet three car drivers: In England they set up a club, in France “a ménage a trois”, in Italy they create a traffic jam.
  3. Italians have only two things on their mind ………The other is spaghetti (Catherine Denevue)

These  are jokes, of course. But, as I see it, the majority of Italians are polite, spontaneous, good natured and full of life


To be more serious a UNESCO study states that Italy has more than 60% of the world’s cultural and artistic heritage. As of this day 41 Italian monuments or cities are on the UNESCO’s Heritage list of sites, having outstanding universal value. But I think Italy is worth a  visit because it is beautiful country, the people are so easy on going, the food is delicious (Eating well means understanding that history, territory and foods are profoundly interconnected) and every day you will see something wonderful. The majority of Italians are very agreeable and love tourists. Tourism is one of the major contributions to the Italian economy.

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