Aosta Valley  


Famous Skiing resort in the winter . It is the most mountainous region in Italy and here are to be found two of the three highest peaks of Alps . The Monte Bianco is   4810 metri or 15781 ft high. A cableway –the highest in Europe – takes you up to the almost the summit and descends to Chamonix on the French side ( www.montebianco.com).

The capital of the region ,  Aosta, has important vestiges of the ancient Roman Age.

My Suggestions:  

To visit  several  typical old villages with house built in stone . The many Castles around Aosta and  the various  valleys  along the rivers.


Aosta Valley – Fenis Castle  Aosta Valley–Courmayeur & Mont BlancMont Blanc – Panorama    Mont Blanc – CablewayAosta Valley – Courmayeur - The Village of Dolonne


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