Sardinia ( Sardegna)   

Sardinia is formed by a series of mountainous massifs, hills and narrows highlands. The seaside resort are among the most beautiful in the world. The best example is the Costa Smeralda  in the north  but all over Sardinia there are long beaches of white and pink sand. The economy is mainly linked  to  Agriculture and animal-farming (sheep-farming is one of the most ancient traditions) while  Industry  for the most part  consists of chemical and petrol industries .

Traces of very ancient art dating to the  prehistoric and proto-historic  eras ( i.e. megalithic “Tombs of Giants” and the “Nuraghi” , truncated cone towers in huge stone), can be found all over the island.

My Suggestions:

A tour around  the island . start with a short visit to Cagliari ( the capital of the region) that has been inhabited since prehistoric times, see vestiges of Phoenicians, Roman, Catalan/Spanish , Austrian dominations.  continue to visit the west coast, which is   less famous than the north coast  but in my opinion very beautiful and in some parts still wild ( i.e. Ingortosu and Piscinas) – Continuing along the coast pass the city of Alghero ( Catalan/Spanish city) with its magnificent historical centre and you will arrive in the  “Costa Smeralda discovered, built and developed into a luxury tourist resort  with enchanting beaches  by the Prince Karim Aga-Khan. Here visit  the archaeological site where there is one of the “Tomba dei Giganti (Giants Grave)/ Li Muri” near the village of Arzachena. Continuing on the east-coast you will pass  “Cala Gonone” with its gorgeous grottos and beaches  and return to Cagliari where your tour began.


Piscinas – Sand DunesSilanus  - NuragheCosta Smeralda – Capriccioli


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