Campania is one of the three regions of  Southern Italy I am fondest of ( the other two are Apulia and Sicily). Thanks to its  mild climate the agricultural sector plays an important part in the economy of the region. Campania faces the Tyrrhenian Sea and includes one of the finest coastlines in Italy . The territory is very beautiful and in front of Naples we can admire three marvellous and enchanting islands : Capri , with its gorgeous Blue Grotto ; Ischia, famous for its thermal springs; Procida , the least known but probably the most characteristic.

My Suggestions:

The ideal base to reach  the various interesting place of the region is Sorrento where you can find several not expensive B&B ( I have been there many times).  From Sorrento you can easily reach by hydrofoil or ferry the above mentioned  islands of the gulf of Naples ;  Pompei (Unesco World Heritage site) where visit the ruins of the ancient city destroyed in 79 A.D. by the eruption of the Vesuvius (volcano). The excavated town offers a snapshots of Ancient Roman life in the 1st century , frozen at the moment of the eruption;  Amalfi coast (Unesco World Heritage site) with the splendid villages of Positano which looks like a crib scene especially at night;  Ravello and Amalfi.  Other point of interest easy to visit from Sorrento are the 18th Century Royal Palace at Caserta ( Unesco World Heritage site), Vanvitelli’s masterpiece, also knowns the Neapolitan Versailles” ;   Naples where the characteristic Historical Centre is another Unesco World Heritage site. The city built in the 7th Century B.C, by the Greek is quite beautiful but full of contrasts. You can take a walk along the elegant promenade by the sea ( Via Caracciolo, Via Partenope) or on the characteristic SpaccaNapoli road .This road cuts across the  Historical Centre and there are plenty of old palaces, monuments and churches to be seen. A fine example  is the Church of Santa Chiara, decorated also  by Giotto, and its beautiful Cloister

Farther afield ( 60/90 minutes  by car)  is the Archaeological sites of Paestum ( Unesco World Heritage site)


Capri  - The Blue GrottoPositanoSorrento – La Marina

 RavelloAmalfiIschia – The Castle

 ProcidaPompei – Roman TheatrePaestum – Basilica & Nettuno Temple

 Caserta – Royal Palace – The facadeCaserta – Royal Palace –The gardensNapoli – Passeggiata a Mare

 Napoli - Passeggiata a Mare , Castel dell’Ovo e VesuvioNapoli – Spaccanapoli Napoli - Spaccanapoli (details)


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