Apulia ( Puglia) 

This region has  a long coastline along both the Adriatic and the Jonian seas . The Agricultural production ( oil, wine, table grapes, vegetables) in Apulia is one  of the most remarkable in Italy and also fishing is quite important for the Apulia economy. Bari is the regional capital . The Romanesque works of arts are noteworthy throughout the region  ( i.e. The Cathedrals of Bari , Trani, Barletta, Molfetta and others ….)

My Suggestions:

First of all visit the marvellous old village like Trani whose Cathedral,  built in the 2nd Century dominates the little fishing port, and is probably  the most famous building in Romanesque style,  Giovinazzo, where the ancient walls surround the beautiful old town. Still on the Adriatic coast you can pay a short visit to Ostuni, called  “the white town” for its white walls and its typically white-painted architecture.

On the Jonian coast you can visit Gallipoli with the suggestive old city ( like a peninsula) with the ancient buildings and the old walls on the sea still in good condition.  In the internal part of the region the visit of Castel del Monte is a must. The Castle a - Unesco World Heritage site – was built in 1250 . It is a fortress erected in the form of an octagonal prism with an octagonal bastion at each corner. Other villages worth a visit are Alberobello with its typical “Trulli” houses -Unesco World Heritage site- a traditional Apulian stone dwelling with a conical roof and the city of Lecce with its splendid Baroque architecture.

All these Cities/Villages are very old and were founded by Romans  (some date back to before the days of ancient Rome). Those that rise along the sea were founded as port for maritime trade.  It is important to say that  all over Apulia the food and wine are genuine and  anywhere we go you can find “Trattorie” with good, typical dishes.


Trani – The DomeCastel del MonteAlberobello – Trulli house


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