The Region is a mix  of hills, flatlands and coastline . The capital of the Region is Rome that is also the capital of Italy.   Rome – The Eternal City - with nearly 3000 years of history. For Rome, as per Venice and Florence, I have no words to describe it . Rome is the cradle of Roman Civilization.


My Suggestions:

The itinerary will  mostly consist of“ a walking tours” and depends on the time you will have available. The visit of the important area ( excluding museums) could take two days (very fast visit), four days with visit to the most important site, and 7 days or more  with Museums and Sistine Chapel.  The visit will include at least: the Ancient Rome (Colosseum and Roman Forum etc…)the Historical Centre ( Unesco World Heritage Site) with Navona square, Trevi Fountain etc. ;  the Christian Area  ( St. Peter, Vatican city etc …) Of course a beautiful place that are off the usual tourist circuit  like : Ostia Antica , the old port of Rome, with its Roman Theatre, still in use during the summer for Opera and theatre performance. Another interesting place could be The Catacomb. During the evening Trastevere , district of  central Rome whose  residents claim to be “The Real Romans”. The area is full of life and of Restaurants/Trattorie/Pizzerie where you can have a dinner without spending a fortune.  Outside Rome there are several very small interesting  old cities   like Anagni and Tivoli with Villa Adriana and Villa d’Este ( both Hunesco World Heritage Site)  : Villa d’Este with its sumptuous gardens has more than 200 fountains . The best time to visit it is during the evening with all the fountains illuminated ( For Villa Adriana www.pierreci.it -  For Villa d’Este  www.villadestetivoli.info )


Roma – ColosseumRoma – Navona SquareRoma – Trastevere

 Latìum –Tivoli –Villa d’EsteRoma – St-Peter  Square & Basilica


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