Emilia Romagna


The Region  is mountainous and also flat . To the east there is  the Adriatic coast.  The Regional capital is Bologna with a magnificent historical centre. Its University founded in 1088, the oldest University in the  world. Other cities that are worth to visit are : Parma that preserves an interesting medieval neighbourhood  and Ferrara (Unesco World Heritage Site) where the historical centre has preserved its original appearance dating to the  year 1500.  Both Parma (www.turismo.comune.parma.it)   and Ferrara (www.ferraraterraeacqua.it) offer a high standard of  living because are “cities on a human scale” 

My Suggestions:

A walking tour in the historical centre of Bologna (iat.comune.bologna.it ) Parma and Ferrara 


Emilia- Bologna - Historical CentreEmilia – Parma –Duomo e BattisteroEmilia – Ferrara – Estense Castle


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