The Marche Region is essentially  hilly area  even if the territory runs along the Adriatic Coast. The region has numerous vestiges of the Roman Age but reached its highest artistic splendour during the Renaissance. Several are the Cities/Villages with interesting monuments : Urbino ( Unesco World Heritage Site)  founded by the Roman, use to be a modest village but in the Renaissance (from 15th  to the 17th  centuries)  experienced its best period. (www.sitiunesco.it) Ascoli Piceno where the central historical part is built in a type of marble called “travertino” and its central square _ Piazza del Popolo_ is one of the most beautiful in Italy.

My Suggestions:

Having as base  a very comfortable Farm-House ( I have been already there ) where the half board is Euros 50 per person with genuine local Kitchen , visit Urbino, Ascoli Piceno, Loreto ( The Basilica is a popular catholic pilgrimage site) and Macerata , city built in the 3rd  century B.C, by Romans but which, as with the other cities,  experienced its best period only with the Renaissance . In the “Arena Sferisterio” , a large neoclassical Arena erected in the 1820’s as a stadium for hand-ball, houses  in the summer period ( July/August)  the Macerata Opera festival .  ( For Marche information see  www.turismo-marche.com  )   


Marche – UrbinoMarche – Ascoli Piceno

Marche – Loreto –BasilicaMarche – Macerata -Sferisterio


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