Liguria, facing the Tyrrhenian Sea is famous for its narrow coast line; the world-famed Italian Riviera hemmed in by the high mountains peaks of the Apennines . Along the Western Riviera ( stretching from the frontier with France to Genoa) there are still many ancient inland villages like   DolceAcqua, Apricale, and Borgio Verezzi. On the Eastern Riviera ( from Genoa to La Spezia)   we can find the gorgeous Portofino ( luxury vacation resort ) and the Cinqueterre ( Unesco World Heritage Site) with its steep cliffs and its five world famous ancient, picturesque villages that represent a beautiful example of intact landscape. The regional capital is Genoa which in the past was very famous for its shipyards. In the region we can still come across ruins of the Roman civilization (Ventimiglia ) and Romanesque architecture (Noli the church of San Paragorio) as well as vestiges dating the Middle Ages.

During the month of July and August a lot of Italians  spend their holidays in the village on the coast. Thanks to its mild climate , many senior citizens  move their residence to Liguria especially in the Western Riviera..

My Suggestions:

If I have to give my preferences I will start with Cinqueterre ( www.cinqueterre.it)  a short visit to Portofino (www.portofinocoast.it) , Noli (www.borghitalia.it)   and Dolceacqua (www.dolceacqua.it)


Liguria – PortofinoLiguria- Dolceacqua – Roman BridgeLiguria-Cinqueterre- Vernazza Cinqueterre (Five Lands) The Coast And the Love PathLiguria – Cinqueterre –  Manarola


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