The region includes part of the Po valley and, to the north, part of the Dolomites mountains. In the Region numerous and important Roman vestiges are to be found. The best example is the “Arena di Verona”.

Venice  is the regional capital.  I have no words to describe Venezia/Venice ; some adjectives beautiful , gorgeous, unique but overall romantic.  Venice is a  Unesco World Heritage Site and along its “Gran Canal” we can see a wealth of  Renaissance Palaces , but we can also find some Byzantine influences for instance in the cathedral of San Marco.

In addition to Venice  there are some other interesting cities like Verona ( Unesco World Heritage Site) with the famous Arena  (Roman Style) and the Juliet balcony . To be honest the story of this  balcony is a fake !! Vicenza ( Unesco World Heritage Site) is the homeland of the architect Andrea Palladio ( 15th  Century) who built the “Olympic Theatre” the most ancient covered theatre in the world still existing. Further he built many Villas the most famous of which  is “The Villa Capra”   also called  “La Rotonda”. I  recommend a mini-cruise along the Brenta river,  very interesting excursion because along the river we can admire more than fifty villas,  once the summer residences of the Venetia nobility.  ( see www.ilburchiello.it

My Suggestions:

All the above mentioned point of interest  including Venice of course ( www.venezia.net) , Verona (www.verona.net) Vicenza ( www.vicenza.org)


Venezia – Canal GrandeVenezia – Piazza San Marco

 Venezia – Ponte di Rialto

Verona - Roman Arena (Theatre)Vicenza – Palladio –Villa Capra


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